GunGuy TV is Growing on YouTube

We are thrilled that GunGuyTV on YouTube is growing like a weed!  As of today (July 3, 2016) we have over 7,855 YouTube subscribers; the channel averages over 85,000 views per month; and we should reach half a million channel views within the next two weeks.

In addition to the growth in the number of viewers, we’ve had several sponsors come on board.  Most notably are the P2K Range (which provides us with range time) and (which regularly provides us with gun gear to review).  We’ve also received T&E gear for review from Adaptive Tactical; MantisX; Kore Essentials; and ammunition from Advanced Ballistic Concepts, LLC.

GunGuyTV is only 15 months old and it’s growing like crazy!  We are very grateful.

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